RMSL employs a dedicated research and development team whose diverse background has resulted in the successful research, development, and application of a wide variety of specialized warheads, munitions, and technologies. While the team specializes in applied energetic materials, RMSL has successfully developed a slew of technologies ranging from advanced robotics merged with machine learning and computer vision, to special application heavy penetrators, breaching rounds, and new energetic and explosive materials.

Recent developments include sub-miniature (~.05cc) explosive charges with on-board triggering, printable bridgewire-free initiators, impact ignitable reactive material warheads, small caliber reactive-material enhanced breaching rounds (KRWS), and high-performance flexible linear shape charges. RMSL has also been responsible for the development of a variety of new manufacturing processes utilizing Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) to facilitate manufacture and granulation of several experimental pressing powder and cast-cure PBX formulations. The research team also has experience in synthesis of new energetic compositions, including curable energetic resins and novel energetic molecules. Our diverse team has the capability and the know-how that allows us to problem solve and produce solutions quickly and cost effectively.

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