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MISSION STATEMENT: Enabling Peace to Prevail
Enable the defense of innocents from attack and provision of the best information, superior training, the finest weapons and tools, and unsurpassed protection to our military and law-enforcement personnel.

In 2009, Travis Swanson founded Rocky Mountain Scientific Laboratory. Our founder possessed many years of experience inventing, designing, manufacturing, testing, and evaluating various chemical and mechanical technologies. Utilizing his unique skillset, RMSL initially focused on supporting counter-terrorism research projects for the Department of Justice. RMSL’s core focus now centers on critically important national security research and rapid solutions for military and law enforcement agencies. Through building strategic partnerships with academia and government laboratories, RMSL consistently offers innovative, quality solutions on-time and within budget. Throughout our history, RMSL and its subsidiaries have established expertise in supporting counter-terrorism research, novel energetic materials, advanced manufacturing, robotics, and computational modeling.

RMSL Facilities Testing
RMSL Facilities Testing



RMSL Integrity

Always doing

the right thing!


RMSL Quality

Results free from defects and deficiencies. Highest quality in everything we do, whether its for our customers, vendors, or our coworkers.


RMSL Agility

Quick response to changes (internal and external) without losing momentum or vision.



Passion and perseverance. Never give up, never quit!


RMSL’s past success in energetic material synthesis, manufacturing, and testing is due in part to the facilities that it operates and can access.  To conduct the proposed activities, RMSL maintains a 19,000 sq. ft. mixed-use facility in Southwest Denver that includes several laboratories: chemistry, a dynamic experimentation, electrical and mechanical design laboratories are just a few.  Additionally, RMSL employs a suite of private explosive and ballistic test ranges that offer a best-value match to the type of testing needed. The variety of ranges ensures short lead-time to testing, minimized costs, and appropriate security for each program.

RMSL Facilities Testing
From the Desk of Travis Swanson
Cofounder and CEO of RMSL

When my business partner and I first formed RMSL, we wanted to create a company that focused on something greater than ourselves and embodied the core values that were instilled in us from an early age. Values such as Integrity, Quality, Agility, and Grit are important qualities that RMSL strives to demonstrate to our customers, our vendors, and our employees.

Our mission statement, “Enabling Peace to Prevail,” epitomizes what we truly believe is our calling as a company.  We believe in the defense of innocents from attack, superior training, the finest weapons and tools, and unsurpassed protection to our military and law-enforcement personnel is paramount to enabling peace to prevail. Over the past two decades we’ve seen unprecedented attacks on our first responders, our military, and our civilians. In response to this, RMSL and its employees are dedicated to utilizing novel engineering approaches and advanced technologies to provide superior advantages for our military and protect civilians from potential threats.

As a small business, we pride ourselves in our flexibility and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. RMSL is committed to providing unequalled expertise in applied energetics, armaments, manufacturing, explosive testing and evaluation. It is a commitment we take seriously and are proud to make a difference in the lives of our military men and women, as well as the general public.


Thank you for your interest in RMSL. Please contact us if you have any questions or need any additional information.

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