Traditional ballistic breaching has been shown to be effective in a variety of applications where rapid entry with low collateral damage is desired. These techniques generally involved firing a slug composed of dense metals using a 12 gauge shotgun into a door’s locking mechanism. The requirement to use a shotgun for breaching both increases an operator’s load and makes them less effective at engaging other targets.


RMSL has developed a high-energy, thermally stable, reactive composition that has been tuned to initiate violently upon impact with hard targets (e.g., hinges, lock mechanisms, etc.). KRWS has already been successfully demonstrated in small arms platforms. These compositions have demonstrated breaching performance similar to a 12 gauge breaching round against typical lock and hinge targets on solid-core wood, fiberglass, and steel-clad doors.


RMSL prides itself for its “out of the box” approach and provides our customers with novel solutions to their complex problems. The staff at RMSL, are knowledgeable and provide a multi-disciplinary approach to be able to respond quickly and with a high degree of flexibility to our customer’s needs. Whether it is the safe scale-up of Homemade Explosives, custom armaments/munitions for our soldiers, or an energetic solution for our commercial partners, RMSL pulls together the required resources to solve difficult problems.

RMSL Innovations

In 2009, RMSL’s armaments division invented, and later patented, a revolutionary method for stabilized auto-targeting known as AimLock technology.  In 2013, RMSL spun-off a new company called AimLock Inc. to focus exclusively on the research, development and fielding of these next-generation aiming technologies. AimLock combines the fire-control precision of large remote weapons systems with active target detection and continuous aim-correction in a fully-integrated, actuated, miniaturized package. AimLock technology can be applied to almost any small arms platform to provide unprecedented probability of hit and a dramatic reduction in time-to-engagement.


For more information, please visit the AimLock website.

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